Esthetics with Polly?

As many of you have been aware, either through our social media post or simply through observing the site, I had opened Polly’s Perfections and was taking services this last three months. I have recently had to refrain from accepting clients as I am looking to establish a new home for you all. I am working steadily to find a space that is closer to home, so that I can continue to provide you all with the same great service and also not have a great impact on pricing. I love working in esthetics and it is one of my most passionate niches. However, when a redirection is due, anyone who has been supporting me for some time knows that I will always take the redirection. We look at change not with fear but with the confidence needed to tackle this challenge as we have tackled much larger scaled hiccups in the past. All opportunities are great opportunities as they offer a space to create new relationships and I cherish all my new clients as I do my old. Thank you all for always being patient with me and I am currently organizing group party information for facials in the current moment, as I cannot accept individual clients at the moment. These group parties will be affordable and offer some special opportunities! Thank you to anyone who supports my business, this is not the end… only the start of a new beginning ✨

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