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New Logo, who this? I am pleased to announce the first blog post under this rebrand and explain all the details in regards to this major change. What was once POLLYMETICS.com is no longer and instead has been changed to ThePoppinpolly.com that's right, we playing a new game and I am soooo excited. The Poppin Polly Co is designed to introduce all Polly related services on one platform. I am currently offering POLLYMETICS, Polly's Perfection and Polly's Papers but I plan to also offer doula based services and herbalism later on in this year. I am also a content creator and will use this space to create reviews, document the journey and overall lend a better hand to up and coming entrepreneurs who may benefit from my mistakes and learn from what I know. This is the overall goal of the blog and may potentially grow into a page of it's own within the site. I feel as though I have ample talents, I just do not have a conclusive space to present all of these talents in one space. Ultimately this is my playground for creativity and self expression. I hope to one day be able to be any and everything I want to be and to be detached from "the skin girl" as I am commonly seen this way due to my presentation being one dimensional. The goal of this site is to present my multidimensional skills and talents. I hope you take this journey with me and learn to love who Polly is and what she has to offer to the world. This blog will feature product reviews as much of the POLLYMETICS line has been cut and these reviews will ensure you still have product knowledge and suggestions to build your own routine. I will also offer free esthetics based advice and will be recording these reviews as well. I also plan to feature a life blog for all those navigating their 20 somethings, particularly as an entrepreneur. Lastly, if there are any details for a sale, they will also be found here so be mindful of the tabs and enjoy the journey! Thank you for trusting The Poppin Polly and entering this new journey with us!

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