Why You don’t Need 50 step to your Routine

I admit, I had a great idea going with this blog but I was not utilizing it in 2021 as I had once thought I would. One of the biggest purposes of this space is to provide you guys with information I think will be useful along this skincare journey. Now, before I can start giving reviews and recommendations on my fave skincare products, I think it is best we get to the basis first... such as what makes a great and sturdy beginner free skincare regime. When I service my clients, I provide a basic five step skincare regime, which can also be customized for all customers on the site under the virtual consult. However, for educational purposes, we will be exploring the categories and along the way, you’ll find my Faves… if you come and check back with the news letter. Often, people get an esthetician and expect to get a seventy step routine as well, I however have condensed it down to five. Now, this not the ONLY steps you should be taking for your skincare journey, but I find that these are the basics and for some of us.. getting the job done is just enough. Now, without further ado, introducing ✨POLLY’S ESSENTIALS: REGIME EDITION✨.


Now this is a no brainer. It is important to get a cleanser that works for your skin type and skin needs. There is an ongoing myth that the type of cleanser we use does not matter and this can not be any further from the truth. For example, a client with dry and peeling skin would need a more hydrating cleanser, as oppose to an acneic client, who may use a cleanser with salicylic acid. There are a wide variety of cleansers that can match any budget and come in a variety of formulas.

Need to know: Cleanse twice a day, Double Cleanse once a week, Cleanser for at least 60 seconds


Although this is is not for everyday use, the purpose of this order is to place products in their relevant order. Exfoliants are designed to sloth off the first layer of the epidermis (your outter layer of skin) to introduce new, fresh and vibrant skin. This can be done using a physcial exfoliant such as our Wake Me Up Coffee Scrub, a chemical exfoliator, a chemical peel or using an exfoliant mask. Exfoliants should only be used every 3-4 days and should be followed with sunscreen.

Need to know: Use every 3-4 days, follow with SPF 30+


Mosturizers are crucial after the skin may be dry due to the cleansing process. Mosturizers are intended to help the skin remain youth, fights aging and more importantly soothes the skin. This step should always follow cleansing and yes, it is not included in the SPF step. 2-1’s may work, but a separate SPF and moisturizer are best suggested.


Although this step can follow every other step, the gorls tend to get excited about toners without understranding their purpose and let me explain. The skin is typically at a pH of 7, which is neither alkaline nor acidic. Yet, products tend to alter the pH level of the skin and toner is designed to create balance. Toners are categorized as astringents, toners or essences. Those with oily or acneic skin may turn to astringents, while a more sensitve indidivual would need an essence such as a rose water. It is important to know your needs before purchasing toners, as the wrong choice may be counterproductive.

5) SPF

To my African American clients, don’t click out because this is about you too. One of the most important steps we all need to abide by is sun protection, aka SPF, aka Sunscreen. The skin is the biggest organ in or on our body and therefore it is also the most vulnerable to damage. Furthermore, not to be bleak, the hardest cancer to detech is skin cancer as it often manifest as a mole or small darkening. Therefore, wearing SPF30 or higher is strongly suggested and reapplying every hour or so is also important. When applying sunscreen to the face, use the two-finger method, first suggested by esthetician Tiara Willis or MakeUpforWOC on twitter. This involves the use of the middle and pointer finger to measure out two fingers worth of product. This may seem excessive but the goal is to protect. For my makeup babes, invest in SPF setting spray to reapply during the day!

Here is a little preview of some products I use that may or may Not make a review in the future. Hope you guys enjoy and happy New Year. Until Next Sunday, stay glowing and growing babe ✨

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